Subaru Boxer Engine – What Is It?

If you're looking for a new car in Manalapan, Marlboro, Freehold, or Englishtown, the only manufacturer you should consider is Subaru. Subaru vehicles are some of the finest on the road, providing the superior driving experience you deserve. One of the major advantages Subaru vehicles have over their competition is the Subaru Boxer Engine.

While you may have heard this engine referred to before, few consumers actually know what a Subaru Boxer Engine is or why it gives Subaru vehicles an extra level of performance. However, once you understand the benefits of the Boxer Engine, you won't be able to resist driving any vehicle that has this engine under its hood. Learn more about the benefits of driving a vehicle with a Subaru Boxer engine and find out what separates this engine from the competition.

Subaru Boxer Engine: The Basics

If you're not familiar with the design of the Subaru Boxer Engine, you may not be aware of how drastically it differs from other engines on the market. When most people imagine a car engine, the picture that comes to mind is the traditional V-style engine. With a V-shaped engine, the pistons move in vertical motion, resulting in long-term engine wear and a decreased level of performance over time.

The Subaru Boxer Engine, on the other hand, is a flat style engine. This means that the pistons in a boxer engine move side to side instead of up and down. Not only does this make the boxer engine the perfect match for the symmetrical all-wheel drive system you'll find on many Subaru vehicles, it also gives this engine several advantages over traditional V-style engines.

Subaru Boxer Engine: The Benefits

The unique flat design and horizontal piston motion of the Subaru Boxer Engine provides you several benefits you won't find with other engine styles. Here are a few of the key advantages of having a vehicle powered by the Subaru Boxer Engine:

  • The flat design of the Subaru Boxer Engine means your vehicle will have a much lower center of gravity. A vehicle with a low center of gravity has much more responsive handling and is more adept at tackling sharp curves.
  • The side-to-side piston motion of the boxer engine reduces the type of engine vibration that is common with a V-style engine. The less vibration your engine experiences, the less wear over time and the smoother your ride.
  • With a flat engine like the Subaru Boxer, energy from the engine is more easily transferred to the transmission, which can result in a higher level of fuel efficiency.
  • Due to the Subaru Boxer's flat design, you'll have a higher level of safety in a frontal accident as the engine is less likely to infiltrate the passenger compartment.

Experience the Subaru Boxer Engine for Yourself Today

When you're ready to zip around Marlboro, Englishtown, Freehold, and Manalapan, you need to visit Freehold Subaru and find a vehicle with the outstanding Subaru Boxer Engine. Whether you're interested in the Legacy, the Forester or any of our other fine vehicles, the dealership staff at Freehold Subaru is ready, willing, and able to assist you in whatever way we can. Stop by today and learn about the awesome power of the Subaru Boxer Engine! Contact us today to learn more.

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