Subaru Transmission Repair

Receive World-Class Transmission Service and Repair from the Team at Freehold Subaru

When it comes to a system as complex as your transmission, it is beneficial to have a team of highly trained and skilled service technicians looking in on your vehicle.  If you are thinking you may need transmission service or repair, you should visit our dealership.  We are eager to assist any person in the Jackson, NJ area with any auto service or car repair issue their vehicle is experiencing.  As a Subaru service center near Marlboro, NJ, we have the resources, facilities, tools, and equipment to assist you.  Set up a time to come see the team at Freehold Subaru, located at 299 South Street in Freehold, NJ, for all of your transmission needs.

Can My Transmission Be Repaired?  Or Does it Need to Be Replaced

Depending on the issue, your car's transmission can definitely be repaired.  The factory-trained, Subaru-certified service technicians at Freehold Subaru have the experience and skills necessary to handle all transmission repairs.  Whether you need to have defective solenoids replaced, a leak sealed, or a throttle cable adjusted, we can help you get back to your daily travels to Farmingdale, NJ as soon as possible.  We can also handle transmission replacements, if necessary.

How Do I Know if My Car is Experiencing Transmission Issues?

You will have definite signs that your transmission needs service or repair on your daily commute to Englishtown, NJ.  If you experience any of the following issues, it might be time to schedule service with the professionals at Freehold Subaru.

  • Your car makes a whining noise when it is not moving
  • There is a grinding noise when your vehicle switches gears
  • You see a reddish fluid leaking from underneath your vehicle
  • The vehicle shifts into a different gear unexpectedly
  • You notice a burning smell

What Can I Do to Help Keep My Transmission in Good Condition?

The most important thing you can do to keep your transmission in excellent condition is to keep up your routine transmission services.  You can find the proper intervals of these services in your owner's manual.

Our service center is happy to help with any transmission services.  We often have service specials and tire coupons to help customers get discounts on all kinds of valuable maintenance.  If you are looking for service, or a Subaru transmission repair, contact the service center at Freehold Subaru to schedule your visit today.